Chocolate Power Squares


3 cups pitted moist dates (it’s important that they be pretty fresh or your bars won’t come together well)
2/3 cup raw, unsweetened cocoa powder
2/3 cup chia seeds
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups raw, unsalted cashews
oat flour (for dusting)


Puree dates in food processor and add cocoa, chia seeds, and vanilla. Pulse until all ingredients are combined. Add cashews and pulse until well distributed.
Line a 10 by 7 inch brownie pan with parchment paper, overlapping the sides. If your pan is bigger or smaller, it really doesn’t matter. The pan size will just change the thickness of your bars. Press the dough mixture into the pan, making sure to push it all the way into the corners so that you get a nice, square edge on your bars. Remove from pan and wrap in paper. Chill overnight.
Unwrap block and cut into squares. Place a ¼ cup or so of oat flour in a bowl. Roll each square in flour to prevent sticking. Refrigerate for up to a week (if they last that long—they never have in our house!)